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血液 Blood


  • 状态:BD    类型:剧情,三级,情色,伦理
  • 导演:杰里·西科里蒂
  • 主演:雅各布·提尔尼,埃米丽·汉普希尔
  • 地区:加拿大    年份:2004
  • 简介:五年没见面后,克里斯·特里去蒙特勒尔看望他的妹妹诺埃尔·特里。他们的生活,无论在一起还是分开,都是动荡的生活,有毒的东西影响了他们相互交往的方式。克里斯刚刚和妻子丹尼斯离婚,他是个酒鬼。虽然他从未服过

《血液 Blood》剧情介绍



After not having seen each other in five years, Chris Terry goes to visit his younger sister Noelle Terry in Montréal. Their lives, both together and apart, have been turbulent ones with something toxic having affected the way they interact with each other. Chris, who has just divorced his wife Denise, is a recovering alcoholic. Although he has never served time, he has committed crimes in his past. Noelle, a drug addict, turns tricks to make ends meet. She has just completed a stint in prison. Upon Chris' arrival, Noelle proposes to Chris that they enter into a three-way with a john who will pay $500 for the trick. Noelle had been trying to find another man to do the job, but was unable to find one on such short notice. Noelle implies that she needs the money to pay off a third party, and she figures Chris owes her. Despite not identifying himself as being gay or even bisexual despite having previously had a relationship with a man, Chris agrees. As Chris and Noelle's encounter progresses, what they displayed on the surface in entering into this agreement may not be their true motivation - or the motivation for Chris making this visit after all this time - as they talk about money, drugs, power and control, and Noelle's ex-boyfriend Martin.


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